How to Build a WordPress Membership Site the Easy Way

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How To Choose Web Hosting

How To Choose Web Hosting

No matter which Web Host you choose, this advice should apply to anyone offering LiteSpeed Web Servers and similar packages to us. 

When you’re shopping for Web Hosting, you’ll find three different types. Shared Hosting, VPS, and Dedicated Servers. Within these different types of hosting, you’ll find different plans or packages. The details found in these plans is what you’ll use to determine which plan you need.

If you’re not sure which Web Host you should go with, or how to choose, we’ve written an article about that here: How To Choose A Web Host

Shared Hosting

Shared Web Hosting is quite literally a plan where you share a section of a server with others doing the same as you. These plans are great for lower traffic websites, but they max out at about 250,000 monthly visitors, and since everyone is sharing the same IP address, it will always suffer a lack in performance compared to a Virtual Private Server or Dedicated Server. This may sound less than ideal, and technically it is, but you can typically find great Shared Hosting plans for less than $10/month so if you don’t need more, these plans can get you online for very cheap. 

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about sharing your server with others. Your account will be protected and can’t be accessed or modified by others on your server. The only hindrance of sharing your server with others is found in the speed and performance of your website, and these days, that gap is closing quite rapidly. For low traffic websites, you will not notice a difference. You will only notice this hindrance with high traffic or large websites. 

To combat the effects of sharing a server with others, we chose to build our platform on LiteSpeed Web Servers which use SSD storage and optimized Caching to boost the performance of websites 20x. We also offer Cloudflare, which can help to improve the deliverability and speed of your website to users who may not be close to our servers. With these features and smart website development, you can achieve blazing fast loading speeds and great performance with even our Shared Cloud Hosting plans, or others like them.

VPS Hosting

A VPS is a Virtual Private Server. This means that instead of sharing the server’s resources with others, you have your own section of the server and it’s resources along with a Dedicated IP address. This means that you have much more power at your disposal and you won’t be affected by others on the same server in any way. VPS Hosting is necessary for App development and very high traffic websites, online stores or blogs that have outgrown typical Shared Hosting plans. If you operate a high traffic website on a Shared plan, you will likely be notified by your Host when it’s time to upgrade. So if you haven’t been, you are most likely okay. However, even if you’re close, you’ll no doubt see an improvement in performance. 

Dedicated Server

If you’ve been reading this entire article, you can probably guess this one now..

That’s right! A Dedicated Server is when you, and only you, have the entire server to yourself. This also means that you, and only you, reap the benefits of having the entire server to yourself. All of its power and resources are dedicated to your website(s), or app(s) and you also have full control over the software you use and how you set up your server. These plans are typically used by developers, but of course you don’t have to be a developer to buy them. Some very high traffic websites would certainly benefit from having its own Dedicated Server, but if you’re in this category you’ll likely have a developer anyway 😉

In Closing

This is a quick overview so we hope this gives you a better idea of how Web Hosting plans are divided, and what makes these different types, well – different. If there are any areas you’d like us to focus on more, please leave a comment and we’d be happy to do so.

If this article has instead furthered your fears of Web Dev, we kindly ask that you do two things: 

  1. Let us know! That’s the opposite of our intention. So, if we’ve added to the noise out there, let us know how and we will listen and correct wherever necessary. 
  1. Hand it off to us! Afterall, this is what we do! If you’re suddenly realizing that this is not your area of expertise, we’re happy to get your business online for you.

Thanks so much for reading!    🙂