Central Cloud Servers

A Network You Can Trust

Our shared cloud hosting service delivers a powerful, proven platform that’s perfect for hosting your professional business email and websites.

Our DataCenters are methodically placed in Central Europe as well as Central and South-West North America to ensure we can provide the best possible experience for the money to our clients who primarily offer in these markets.

Our Datacenters

We currently have 5 Datacenters across the world, with 4 in North America and 1 in Central Europe. We have 3 Datacenters in US-Central area (Michigan) because our client base is mostly from Canada & USA. 

Our Network

Our Local Network Is Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario. However, our customers come from all over North America, and even Europe & abroad! This is why you’ll find we’ve picked our Datacenters conveniently in these areas.

Better Performance

The closer you are to a Datacenter, the better the performance you’ll get from that server. That’s why it’s important to have central datacenters – and to double down on the areas we serve most!

Your Network

To further improve the performance of our servers you can utilize Cloudflare’s CDN service (included with our plans) so your server gains touch-points everywhere in the world and enhanced security.

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